B&NES Youth Climate Summit – Friday 19th March


We wanted to tell you about a fab event happening on Friday 19th March, organised and led by us, your Sixth Form Leadership Team.

The event will provide a forum for over 100 students, representing more than 12 schools, the opportunity to meet, discuss, and engage with a wide variety of climate change and sustainability experts. We’ve got workshops and speakers discussing topics from fast fashion to sustainable eating and food wastage, alongside an opening address by Bath MP Bath Wera Hobhouse who is a big supporter of the event.

The Summit will mark the end of a week-long set of activities by students across the schools, culminating with the declaration of a climate emergency, providing the momentum for change to occur in schools and the wider community.

Organising the conference has been extremely fulfilling and exciting, and we are hoping that it will be super successful and make a difference to young people and their families across BANES and beyond.

If you have any questions about the conference, you can email climate@hayesfield.com

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, both with the handle @BYCS2021

We hope you will get involved in the tutor activities and make some changes that will impact our planet.


Katrin, Noor, Elise, and Elsa (6SLT)

Monday 15th – Energy, Turn it off day
Tuesday 16th – Agriculture, Sustainable food and drink
  • Turn off lights
  • Turn the heating down
  • Switch off computers and projectors
  • Use your phone less
  • Eat locally sourced food
  • Eat food that is in season
  • Drink locally supplied water
  • Have meat free meals for the day
Wednesday 17th – Waste, Reduce, Reuse Recycle
Thursday 18th – Transportation, Get Walking
  • No single use plastic (including pack-lunches)
  • No unnecessary printing
  • Promote recycling across the school
  • Be creative and ‘upcycle’ something
  • Park ‘n’ Stride – get dropped off further away from school and walk in with your friends
  • Hayesfield Staff to walk between sites
Friday 19th – Youth Climate Summit, Climate Emergency

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