Coronavirus Advice

Help for Parents who are Keyworkers

Letter for Parents Who are Key Workers [PDF]

Free Access to DownDog Yoga and Wellness Apps

Following the announcement of the school closure, we have secured completely free access to all of the DownDog Yoga Apps until July 1st for all students and teachers so that they can have access to wellness at home until the end of the term.

Anyone who signs up using Hayesfield’s school email domain will have unlimited access to the apps until July 1st!
All you need to do is download the app or go to, and then create an account using your school email address. Once you confirm your email address, the free membership is automatically applied! – Down Dog | Great Yoga Anywhere
HIIT Turn up the intensity with High Intensity Interval Training. Use your own body weight to get your heart rate up and efficiently burn fat while building muscle – no fancy props required.


Mr Deane


Letter to Parents First Day of Homeworking [PDF]

COVID -19 Information for Students [PDF]

Coronavirus School Closure 19.03.20 [PDF]

Conronavirus Isolation Advice 17.03.20 [PDF]

Coronavirus Updated Advice 17.03.20 [PDF]

Coronavirus Update to Parents 13.03.20 [PDF]

Coronavirus Further Advice Letter 04.03.20 [PDF]

Coronavirus Advice Letter to Parents 27.02.20 [PDF]


To report the abscence of your child, please contact the school on

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