Ignite Day: Employability

Friday 23rd November 2018

Objective for your day:

At Hayesfield, we know that deciding on a career path can be a daunting experience and this is why we work really hard to help our students better understand and support all and every career aspiration from Architect to Zoologist.

To that end, the aim of our second Ignite Day of the year is to provide them with a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of the skills required for employment and the huge range of opportunities and advice available.

In each year, we have a tailored programme that compliments the careers work done in PSHEE. In the earlier years, we will be developing core skills aimed at promoting employability. In later years the Ignite Day experience will link more directly to career pathways and practical advice and support. As part of this, in Y11 students will experience over 30 different careers being represented demonstrating the wide range of opportunities available.

As well as being practical and highly informative, these experience are intended to be hands-on, and enjoyable and above all open us up to new career options and reflect on what we have to offer the world of work. Who knows, today might be the first step into new and exciting careers.

Year 7: Science Works

Overview of my day

How is Science used in the workplace every day? What skills do employees of STEM careers need? During this day you will get to act as Forensic Technicians, Scientific Authors, Engineers, Designers, Fabric Analysts … a whole host of Scientifically based careers!

You will use practical skills, plan, design, record data, evaluate, think critically and author for different audiences. You will show leadership skills, team work skills, Mathematical skills, independent and imaginative thinking.

By the end of the day you will truly understand the skills that those who work in the STEM industries need and have sampled a range of possible careers that show why working in STEM fields can be so rewarding.

Where do I go?

All Year 7 should start the day at the Nucleus Block at Brougham Hayes. Signs will be up as you enter telling you which group you are in and which room you start at.

Year 8: Future Entrepreneurs

Overview of my day

Any budding Alan Sugars out there? Today you will get to hear from a local successful business person about what it takes to become successful in the world of work. You will have the chance to reflect on your own skills and attributes you can offer employers as well as to what business roles you might be best suited.

Finally, you will get to create your own exciitng start-up company and act out a creative advertising campaign in a Dragon’s Den style presentation to some fiery dragons. We know that this day will be an exciiting and creative way to help you start thinking about what you can offer the world of work as well as what the word of work might be looking for from you.

Where do I go?

All Year 8 should start the day at the Brougham Hayes site. Signs will be up as you enter telling you which group you are in and in which room you start.

Year 9: Owning my Options

Overview of my day

With your option choices just around the corner, today we will be providing you with a fantastic oppurtunity to learn more about the range of different option subjects available in Year 10.

Subject specialists will be presenting on what each course involves as well as the likely educational and careers pathways and oppurtunites they might open up for you.

In the morning we will link these presentations with activities reviewing potential career paths and employability personal skills profiling. This will give you a clearer idea of the skills and attributes you have to offer the word of work, as well as the wide range of exciting and varied employment options open to you.

By the end of the day, we are sure that you will feel confidnet to make informed option choices and start your pathway to achieving you ambitions.

Where do I go?

All Year 9 should start the day at the Brougham Hayes site. Signs will be up as you enter the building telling you which group you are in and in which room you start.

Year 10: GCSE Spoken Word

Overview of my day

Today all Year 10 are provided with a really fantastic opportunity to complete their Spoken Word unit as part of their English GCSE. This is a really valuable qualification to take to future employers as it will impress them with your verbal skills and confidence in delivering presentations.

Remember that we will be completing this qualification in one day, so you must come fully prepared- all research completed and a clear idea of how you want to set out your speech. For some of you this is a chance to show your confidence and verbal flair; for others this is a great opportunity to show what you are made of and how capably you step out of your comfort zone and meet the challenge of the task.

Remember as well that as part of the final assessment you will need to answer questions from your audience. That means you should choose a topic about which you certainly know something about and about which you feel passionate.

Where do I go?

All Year 10 will be located in the rooms below at Upper Oldfield Park for the day.

Year 11: Careers Fair

Overview of my day

Today is a really exciting and highly useful part of your careers programme at Hayesfield. We are very lucky that you will be able to access to a wide range of professions both local and national whose experience and knowledge will help develop your understanding of available career opportunities.

In the afternoon you will take part in a formal mock interview which will provide you with really valuable interview experience and feedback. We are very thankful to the large number of employers who support this day and their local school and we know that it will provide highly relevant and useful advice on how to continue your pathway to achieving your ambitions.

Where do I go?

All Year 11 should start the day at the Upper Oldfield Park site. Signs will be up as you enter telling you in which room you start.

What should I wear?

As part of the formal mock interview experience, Year 11 students are encouraged to wear smart business dress. Please talk with your tutor if you are unsure what that should mean. Where this is an issue, students are welcome to wear their school uniform. Any student not appropriately dressed will be required to change into one of the School’s spare uniforms.

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