Ignite Day: Employability

Friday 24th November

We are really excited about our second Ignite Day of the year where we will focus on the theme of Employability.

We know that many our our students already have a clear and unwavering career ambition in mind and are already well set on their pathway to success.

For most, however, (especially our younger students) we know that deciding on a career path can be a daunting experience.

This is why we offer extra-curricular days such as our Ignite Day, to help you better understand and support all and every career aspiration from Architect to Zoologist.

Our aim is to provide you with a unique opportunity to develop your understanding of the skills required for employment and the huge range of opportunities and advice available to you. To do this, in each year, you will have a tailored programme that compliments the careers work you do in PSHEE.

In the earlier years, you will be developing those really important core skills to promote your employability as well as looking at the world of work in a much more creative and engaging way. We know you will have a lot of fun building eco-friendly houses and carrying our forensic analysis.

For later years, your Ignite Day experience will link more directly to potential career pathways and practical advice and support. As part of this, we are really excited that once again Y11 students in their Career Fair will be able to experience over 30 different careers from local and national companies and organisations, demonstrating the wide range of opportunities available to you all.

As well as being practical and highly informative, these experiences will be hands-on, and enjoyable and above all, open you up to new possiblities and reflect on what you have to offer the world of work- Who knows, today might be the first step into the rest of your life.

The full programme for each year group is attached.
Please read this really carefully so you know on which site you start on Friday the 24th Nov.

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