Ignite Day – The Hayesfield Girl

We always do lots of work on anti-bullying at Hayesfield, but have made it even more of a focus this year!

On our first Ignite Day, all students worked on a task called the Hayesfield Girl so that we could get an up to date view of what the students think about our work and their suggestions to add to it. They worked on a number of tasks so that we could collate and get a whole school response to key questions. The student responses and level of maturity show a real understanding of issues around bullying and the importance of seeing that differently to ‘falling out’.

I am sure you will be interested in their combined responses:

What are the most important things Hayesfield does about bullying?
  • Talking about things
  • Punishing bullies
  • Caring Pastoral Team
  • Teach on-line safety
  • Counselling
  • PSHE lessons
  • Teach the difference between bullying and a disagreement
  • Ask for both sides of the story

We then went on to collate all of their responses into two whole school responses for each area covered:

What are the two most important things a Hayesfield girl can do to form positive relationships?
  • Smile
  • Respect other people

What are the two most important things a Hayesfield girl can do to show she is kind and understanding?
  • Make people welcome
  • Try and give out 5 genuine compliments each day

What behaviours do you think are bullying?
  • Repeatedly being unkind and mean
  • Continuously making fun

Which behaviours are not bullying?
  • Falling out with each other
  • A one off comment that is regretted and apologised for

What would really help if someone is being bullied?
  • Encourage them to tell an adult
  • Support/report

All groups felt that students could be doing more for each other and we have been able to introduce some exciting new initiatives!

Role of Year 8 Buddies to be enhanced

  • Each Year 8 Buddy has been allocated two named Year 7 students
  • Each Year 8 Buddy has written an encouraging letter to their Year 7
  • Funding has been sought from the PTSA to run Buddy Breakfasts
  • Buddy Breakfasts are run throughout the Year

This role will be further enhanced at the end of the year in preparation for Year 7 2018.

Peer Mentoring Scheme

  • We have joined forces with Mentoring Plus and Bath Youth for Christ to create a bespoke Peer Mentoring Scheme for Hayesfield
  • The Scheme has been launched to Year 10, 11 and 12 students
  • 35 applications were received for the 20 places
  • Training begins on Thursday 16th November

E-Safety Gurus

We have started working with the Police on creating 16 roles for E-Safety Gurus. We would like two people from each Year Group to be appointed. They will be trained by and work with the Police on E-Safety. Our aims is that they will be a point of contact for students who may concerned by something they have seen on line or about their own or a friend’s use of social media. They will also be able to discuss sexting requests or incidents involving themselves or friends. There will be a rigorous training programme, delivered by the Police, covering sexting, confidentiality, Child Sexual Exploitation, cyberbullying, grooming and Apps. The Gurus will have a Police link who will supervise their work and who will keep them appraised of current National and local issues.

Friendly Faces

We have introduced the Friendly Faces! These are students from all Year Groups who held the role of Buddy when in Year 8. If they are wearing their Buddy badges, they are signalling that they are a friendly face and any student from any Year Group is welcome to come and chat with them. If a student has misplaced their badge, they should let me know and we will arrange a replacement.

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