Launching Hayesfield’s WORLD BOOK DAY 2019: Read for Empathy

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb in his skin and walk around in it.”
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

We are delighted to announce the theme for this year’s World Book Day- taking place on Thursday 7th of March (Week A) is HGS Read for Empathy.
Increasingly, studies are proving an all important link between reading and developing empathy skills. Put simply, empathy is being able to understand another person’s feelings through trying to see the world just a little through their perspective- putting yourself in their shoes and ‘walking around in them.’
Put even more simply still: empathy defines not only what makes us human, but also our humanity- and reading stories and experiences plays an integral role in this.


So for World Book Day this year, Hayesfield staff and students can come to school in costume as a character:

  • They have felt a connection to (shared hobby/ambition/passion- perhaps the character made you see things in a different light, or gave you a renewed enthusiasm in something you do)
  • Has introduced them to a new way of looking at something familiar
  • They have found they have shared a similar experience with

Whilst costume is not compulsory, last year’s World Book Day was made all the more special and memorable by the range of wonderful costumes donned by students and staff who really entered into the spirit of the day!

Book and quotation from book (compulsory):

On the day, all students and staff should come with a book which, when you were reading it, gave you no choice but to share in the character(s)’ emotions as you saw the world through their eyes. Perhaps the book is something you had thought about, but it was only through reading the character’s story, that you imagined what it might feel like to be in that position. These tend to be the books which move us most and we remember for years to come.

Years 7-9:

You will be attending your timetabled lessons for that day, but your lesson will have an exciting little bookish twist, based upon the subject and topic you are studying. You do still need to bring with you normal kit and equipment.
Weekly #HGSReadforEmpathy stories will be shared in the Bulletin, along with further guidance for day- so keep checking the Student Bulletin for inspiration!

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