Mobile Phones in Year 7

After careful consideration and a lot of thought we have decided that mobile phones will not be allowed in Year 7 with immediate effect. All Year 7 students are expected to have their phones switched off and in their bags for the whole school day. If students need to contact home, then they can do so via reception.

In line with our behaviour system, if a Year 7 student is seen with her phone without permission she will receive one warning, should a repeat offence occur she will then be expected to stay in school that afternoon for a 15 minute detention and will be logged as per our school process.

Thank you for your support in implementing this new system, I am sure you will agree that this will be very positive for all our Year 7 girls and will further support them during this time of transition where they should be using their social time to make new friendships.

The Year 7 Team

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