Parent Survey on the School’s Reporting Process

Dear Parent/Career

RE: Parent Survey on the School’s Reporting Process

We are currently reviewing our reporting procedures to make sure that we are providing the most useful data to parents and at the most relevant times in the school year.

As part of this review, we are asking parents to offer their own thoughts and feedback on what information in the School reports they find the most useful in helping understanding their child’s progress and the necessary areas to improve upon.
Can we please ask that parents take a few minutes to read the information on the next page which explains what we currently provide in each Year Group then complete the online survey. This information will be used to help inform our reporting model for 2019-20. This survey will be available until Monday 13th May.
There are three surveys- one for each key stage. Please complete the survey(s) relevant to your child or children. These are hyperlinked below and should only take a few minutes.

As a follow up to this survey, we will be hosting an additional Headteacher’s Open House on Thursday 16th May where parents will be able to talk directly with the Senior Leadership Team about the reporting process and any changes they may wish to suggest. All are welcome from 5.00 – 6.00pm at the Upper Oldfield Park Campus.

If you have any question regarding this survey, please feel free to contact me directly via email

Yours sincerely

Duncan Powell
Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)

Our Current Reporting Model 2018-19

What is in the reports?

At Hayesfield we provide 3 different reports at different stages in a student’s school career. These contain the following information:

Progress Checks:

  • A student’s set Flightpath or Target Grade
  • The Current Predicted grade or Flightpath from the teacher
  • A Commitment to Learning grade
  • A Quality of Homework grade
  • A Teacher comment where there is a significant cause for concern
  • Internal exam grades as applicable
  • Report on a student’s attendance & punctuality
  • The number of Housepoints received by that point in the year (Years 7-9 only)


Progress Reports
As above but also:

  • Two comments on areas of strength in each subject
  • One (two in Years 10 and 11) area(s) to develop in each subject


End of Year Reviews (Years 7 and 9 only):

  • A pastoral comment from each student’s tutor
  • A comment from the Director of Achievement / Pastoral Manager
  • The End of Year Flightpath
  • Report on a student’s attendance & punctuality
  • Number of Housepoints received in the year


When do students receive these reports?

The model for 2018/19 currently sends out reports to this timetable:

Key: PC = Progress Check     PR = Progress Report     EOY = End of Year Report

Year GroupTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Year 8PCPR
Year 9PCPR & EOY
Year 11PCPC
Year 13PCPC

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