Science Week 6th – 13th March

Thursday 5th March

Neuroscience Talk

Year 10, 12 and 13
Dr Andrew Doherty
Dr Andrew Doherty from Bristol University will be visiting to give a talk on Neuroscience to the whole of Year 10 and any other 6th from students who would like to come along.

Friday 6th March

Science Fair, 1.00pm – 4.30pm

The National Science Week theme this year is: Our Diverse Planet

Year 7 & 8 have all entered Science Fair projects to the annual Science Fair. Winning projects will be displayed in the Superlab with all other projects being displayed in the surrounding rooms.
In addition to the student’s contributions, the science staff will be putting on some unusual experiments with the highlights being Mr Attwood’s demonstration with liquid nitrogen, Mr Keitch’s Flash, Bang Whallop demonstration, Mt Fuller’s Pluck Dissection and the ubiquitous dry ice ice cream

Parents are invited to join us after school from 3.15pm.

Monday 9th March 3.15pm

A MEDSOC Special Event – Rat Dissection


Dr Avramenko will be demonstrating how to dissect a rat before you get your chance to have a go if you wish. Please collect a letter giving parental permission to attend prior to the event

The Universe and Beyond

All year groups
Dr Victoria Scowcroft from the Department of Physics at the University of Bath will give a talk about the use of variable stars to study the expansion rate of the Universe.

Wednesday 11th March

Fossil Making

Year 7
Come and make fossils at lunchtime in the Nucleus with Mr Robinson

Year 9 Poster Competition

Students will produce a poster on the theme of Our Diverse Planet.
The best 5 posters in the year will be entered into a national competition to win prizes from Guinness World Records.
The best posters from each class will be displayed around the Nucleus

Thursday 12th March

Jelly Earth

Year 7 & 8
Come and look at the structure of the earth and investigate some edible rocks with Mr Somerton

Spectostrosopy in a Suitcase

Year 12 & 13
The Nucleus
Bath University Ambassadors will be bringing the ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’ into school so they can experience using cutting edge spectroscopic techniques.
The session will consolidate the learning the students have already completed in class so the students get an opportunity to use the £40,000 equipment.

I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here

Year 9
4 classes will be taking part in I’m a scientist get me out of here over the course of two week.

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