The Diana Award

Hayesfield will be proudly hosting the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador training event at our Upper Oldfield Campus this Thursday 11th October.

The Diana Award is a charity that was established to continue the work of Princess Diana in numerous fields. Its key motto is that ‘young people have the power to change the world for the better’; this is something that resonates with us here at Hayesfield. In particular, the charity are on a mission to end bullying in schools by empowering young people to detect, prevent and counteract all types of bullying.

Hayesfield School is working closely with the charity’s specialist trainers to offer training to the students of BANES schools. We are excited at the prospect of welcoming over 100 students and staff from our local schools as they embark on their journey to becoming trained ‘Anti-Bullying Ambassadors’.

Twenty of our own students from across all year groups will be trained as these ‘Anti-Bullying Ambassadors’. We admire the ‘moral courage’ of these students (one of our five Hayesfield Values) as they commit to helping the school to maintain its excellence in anti-bullying. We are proud of our inclusive and collaborative culture here at Hayesfield and we thank the students for the key role they will be playing.

More details can be found here:

Mr Taylor
Assistant Headteacher: Pastoral

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