Year 11 GCSE Support Sessions – Monday 10th – Wednesday 19th April 2017

There is a full programme of revision workshops for specific subjects during the Easter Holiday. The programme of events is shown below, and all students are encouraged to attend the relevant sessions. Your daughter’s teachers will discuss with her which workshops she should attend. Some sessions will be invite only as they have limited spaces available. You will receive a letter if we expect your daughter to attend a specific session. We expect your daughter to make the most of all the opportunities available and attend these sessions as they will impact positively on her success.

DateSubject (9.00am - 11.45am)LocationSubject (12.30pm - 3.15pm)Location
Monday 10th April 2017English Literature - Invite OnlyE1/E2/E3
Tuesday 11th April 2017PEU14
Wednesday 12th April 2017Science AU1/U1a/U2Science AU1/U1a/U2
English Literature - Invite OnlyE2Religious StudiesU7
Religious Studies (Short Course)U8
English Literature - Invite OnlyE2
Thursday 13th April 2017SociologyE3
Tuesday 18th April 2017English LanguageE1/E2/E3English LanguageE1/E2/E3
Wednesday 19th April 2017DanceW1

Students will be unsupervised between morning and afternoon sessions and may work quietly in the Open Learning Area but must not eat in that space. If they wish to go off site for lunch then please provide written permission (they must be on time for afternoon sessions). Students may wear their own clothes to the sessions but should dress appropriately for a working environment. The refectory will be closed so there will be no refreshments available to purchase on site.

Mr P White
Deputy Headteacher (Achievement)

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