Year 9 Exam Week – Tuesday 2nd – Thursday 4th May 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian

Please find attached to this post a timetable for the Year 9 Exam Week, commencing on Tuesday 2nd May. This important week features formal Exams in English, Maths, Science, Languages, History and Geography.

It is important that we prepare students for their GCSE Exams by providing formal examination experiences. Although these Exams will not impact on future GCSE grades they will enable students to develop:

  • strategies to cope with an Exam situation and develop their Exam technique
  • skills to manage their time effectively in the Exams;
  • successful revision strategies;
  • confidence in future Exams.

In order to support students and help them focus their revision, they will not sit an Exam in a subject they are not taking through to GCSE. So students will only sit the Geography or History paper if they have chosen to study that subject in Year 10. I appreciate that we have not yet confirmed the options choices but we have spoken to any students who may have had a conflict between History or Geography and these issues have been resolved.

Students will sit either a Spanish or French paper depending on their subject choice for Year 10. Those students studying both languages will sit the French Exam and will complete a Spanish assessment at a later time in class.

Preparation is key to Exam success. Students should try out a range of revision strategies and identify the strategies that work best for them. We recommend that students should focus their time on revision over the next 2- 3 weeks and consider how their time and resources are best organised.

Year 9 students have been informed of the main revision topics by their tutors and subject staff over the past few weeks. To further support your daughter there are many resources on the school website under the ‘Year 9 Exam Week’ banner and in the curriculum areas. Classroom teachers and tutors will also be advising students on how to prepare for the Exams effectively.

Students will be supported by their teachers throughout the week and students who require extra support will receive further information about any changes to their timetable or Exam room.

All grades achieved in the Examinations will be included in the Year 9 Report which will be sent home during Term 6. These grades will form part of the evidence that staff will use to inform setting in these subjects for Year 10.

If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Boxall
Director of Achievement (Years 8 & 9)


Year 9 Exam Week Timetable [PDF]
Year 9 Exam Week Revision Booklet [PDF]

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