GCSE Results 2020

Having secured the title of ‘best school in B&NES’ by the Real Schools Guide for the second year running, we had equally high expectations for our GCSE class of 2020! It has been a tumultuous five months for our Year 11 cohort, but today they were rewarded with the results that they have worked so hard to achieve. Over one quarter of students achieved a staggering 8 or more GCSES at the top grades of 7-9 (that’s A and A* in old money). 88% of all students secured a Grade 4 or above in the Basics (English and Maths), 70% secured a strong pass and a whopping 52 students secured Grades 7-9 in both of these key subjects. In total, 94% of students gained 5 or more standard passes at GCSE with 69% of all students gaining 5 or more strong passes, including in English and Maths at Grades 5 and above.

There are many, many top performers. Deserved recognition goes to the following students: Anabella Brosnan, Ruby Keily-Thurstain and Kiera Pettengale who all secured 8 of the most prestigious Grade 9s and a further 2 Grade 8s – that’s a total of 10 GCSEs all at Grades 8 and 9. Hot on their tails are Martha Smith, who was awarded 7 Grade 9s and 2 Grade 8s. Delphine Garside,  Miriam Hetherington and Mary Macmillan who all gained 6 Grade 9s with a further 4 or more Grade 8s. Hannah Grendon also achieved 6 Grade 9s and a further 4 GCSEs at Grades 7-8. A special mention goes to Ruby, Martha and Hannah who managed to gain the elusive double Grade 9 for both English and Maths, which is a national rarity! Other high achievers, who all gained 9 or more at the top grades of 7-9, are: Francesca Booker, Madison Tombs, Josie Carter, Olivia Lewis, Jenny Kaye, Lydia Li Ross, Saskia Bolwell, Maya Moore, Arabella Goff, Naomi Lune and Lily Towers, Geneve Purayil, Alice Gane, Bella Heenan, Isla Latham, Nelly Batt, Eva Galise, Marha Dodds, Martha Bosnell, Pim Sullivan-Tailyour, Isabelle Hayter, Ava Masani, Amelia Baxter, Isabel Kinson, Cecily Hood, Georgina Edney, Lily Costello.

I am so pleased to see such an exceptional set of results for an exceptional year group in these exceptional times! Our students have been rewarded with the results that accurately reflect their academic achievements. Hayesfield has a strong record of academic achievement over a sustained period of time and these students follow in the footsteps of others. I know that many of our students were disappointed not to sit the exams they had prepared so well for but I am hopeful that today’s results have made them super proud of their achievements over time. I know that my staff and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Emma Yates

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